SNA denies claims that Al-Shabaab captured El Wak

A Somali military  commander has refuted reports by local media that Al-Shabaab militants have seized the border town of El Wak in Gedo region near Kenyan border.

Speaking to Radio Shabelle, Col Osman Nuh Hajji one of Somali army officers in El Wak confirmed  that the area is calm and under their full control, saying Al shabaab has never taken over the town.

“The capture of El Wak is only Al shabaab propaganda and false information. I can confirm that Somali National Army are still in control and have never vacated the town,” he added.

The Kenyan military has also vehemently denied claims that  al-Shabaab, has captured the border town of El Wak.

Al shabaab retook El Wak town near Kenyan border On Sunday night after a deadly attack on Somali military bases. The militants remained in the town for about 13 hours before their retreat.

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