Ahlu Sunna-bound arms seized near Mahas town

Somali forces in middle Shabelle region have seized a vehicle transporting sophisticated weapons to the anti-government group of Ahlu Sunna in Guri’el town in Galgaduud region of central Somalia.

Speaking to Radio Shabelle, Mahas district commissioner Mumin Mohamed Halane said after a tip-off the Somali troops managed to intercept the weapons heading to Ahlu Sunna militia groups.

Hir-Shabelle state forces are currently holding the weapons and pursuing the arms smugglers who are reportedly fled the vehicle before it being captured by the security soldiers near Mahad district.

Tension is brewing after Ahlu Sunna Waljama group has deployed large number of its fighters in Mahas, to protect the city from falling to advancing pro-government troops.

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