ISIL recruit defendant pleads guilty


Hamza Naj Ahmed knew that ISIL was a terror organization, he told a judge in federal court Monday, but its slick social media messaging convinced him its cause was a righteous one. Watching online videos, he came to believe that ISIL was “helping the innocent people, similar to government organizations,” Ahmed said as he entered a guilty plea to charges ...

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ISIL claims bomb attack on African Union vehicle in Mogadishu


ISIL group claims to have bombed an African Union vehicle on the outskirts of Mogadishu, Somalia, marking what would be its first attack in the country. Reports of the bombing – which if proven genuine would be the first attack by ISIS’s newly developed cell in an area previously dominated by Al-Qaeda – emerged online today. The vehicle was hit by ...

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AMISOM denies ISIL claim of attacking AU troops convoy


AMISOM has noted false claims of an alleged attack on its convoy by ISIS. No AMISOM convoy or personnel has been hit by any elements. An incident involving an IED was reported in Arabisca, after an AMISOM convoy had plied the route. AMISOM condemns such false propaganda. AMISOM statement came as ISIL has claimed it attacked a convoy of military ...

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Somali security forces capture wanted Al shabaab leader


Somali security forces have captured a wanted Al shabaab leader with $2,000 of bounty on his head following a special operation in Mogadishu on Sunday evening. Hassan Mohamed (Hassan Fanah), defected from Al shabaab and joined ISIL by the end of 2015. Somali federal government has offered two thousand US Dollar reward for information of his capture last year. The ...

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Uganda withdraws over 1,800 soldiers from Somalia over lack of pay


The troop of over 1,800 soldiers was received by the Commander of Defense Forces (CDF), Gen. Katumba Wamala at Singo Urban Military Training school. The Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) battle group 15 which was deployed in Somalia as part of the African Union Mission in Somalia to keep peace against Al-Shabaab militants have returned home. The troop of over ...

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Kenya resumes construction of security wall along Somali border


The construction of the 700km Kenya-Somalia border fence to bar unwanted persons from illegally getting into the country will continue as planned. Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery said the fence will not deter or limit the movement of other people from and to Somalia as perceived. “This fence will help us check on people like Al-Shabaab from crossing to and ...

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Minnesota man accused of being a recruiter for ISIS


A Minnesota man, accused of being a recruiter for the Islamic State (Isis), wanted to open up a jihadi people-smuggling route from Syria, through Mexico and into the US, to conduct attacks, court documents claim. Guled Ali Omar from Minneapolis has been accused by prosecutors of conspiring with a group of men to join the fight with Daesh (Isis) to ...

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AU envoy for Somalia holds security talks with the Deputy PM


The Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission (SRCC) for Somalia Ambassador Francisco Madeira today held a meeting with the Somali Federal Government Deputy Prime Minister, Mohamed Omar Arte, to iron out sticking points on security operations in the country. During the meeting, the two officials discussed how Somali national security forces and those from the African ...

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Somali govt says the perpetrators of Marka massacre will be accountable


The government of Somalia has said that the police are investigation those behind Marka massacre last week. Minister for Information Mohamed Abdi Hayir Mareye has told the media after cabinet meeting on Thursday that the perpetrators of the heinous attack will be brought to book. Mareye told the reporters that the police are ongoing with their investigation and action will ...

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Feds: Minnesota men spoke of terrorist attacks in U.S.


Some of the four Minnesota men facing trial next month for conspiring to join the Islamic State group had discussed the possibility of attacks in the United States, according to a document filed by prosecutors. Prosecutors said one defendant, Guled Ali Omar, talked about establishing a route from the U.S. to Syria through Mexico, then telling the Islamic State group ...

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