Iraqis Primed to March on Mosul Foreign Minister Says


Iraqi officials are increasingly emboldened about their prospects of retaking the city of Mosul from the Islamic State terror group even though it puts them at odds with the U.S. assessment. Neither they nor U.S. defense officials have been willing to put any sort of timeline on what promises to be a complex operation to push IS out of Iraq’s ...

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ISIS Claims Responsibility for Dual Car Bombs in Syria

syrian war

More than 40 people are dead and nearly 150 others injured in the northeastern Syrian city of Qamishli after a pair of bombs exploded near the Turkish border Wednesday. A reporter for VOA’s Kurdish service, Zana Omar, was among those injured in the blasts.  Members of his family were also wounded.  VOA’s Kurdish service says Omar’s home, which was near ...

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Taiwanese Fishing Boats Land on Disputed Taiping Island

markab taiwan

Fishermen from three Taiwanese fishing boats set foot on the disputed Taiping Island in the South China Sea on Tuesday morning as part of a planned trip. Four boats departed for the island on July 20 to highlight Taiwan’s sovereignty after an international tribunal ruled that Taiping is legally a rock, not an island. The fourth vessel, carrying three reporters ...

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Top US General: Turkish Media Report ‘Absurd


The top U.S. military general has denounced a report by a Turkish daily alleging that a former U.S. commander had organized the failed military coup in Turkey, calling the article “absurd.” The article by conservative Turkish daily Yeni Safak cites unnamed sources associated with pro-coup detainees and claims former four-star Army General John Campbell, who led NATO forces in Afghanistan ...

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2 Killed in Shooting at US Nightclub


At least one person has been detained after a shooting at a nightclub in the southeastern U.S. state of Florida that has left two people dead. Officials say at least 14 people were wounded – some seriously – in the incident early Monday outside Club Blu in Fort Myers, located on the state’s Gulf Coast. Police said in a statement ...

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Liberia Celebrates 169 Years of Independence


Liberia celebrates 169 years of independence Tuesday. Some Liberians say there is little to celebrate in the face of economic difficulties. But Liberia’s ambassador to the United States, Jeremiah Sulunteh, said while there are some challenges, the country has made remarkable progress under President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. “This year, we are celebrating our independence with the theme: ‘Consolidating Progress Toward ...

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Somalia Supreme Court endorses result of NUSOJ election in Mogadishu

2016517635990893076898764Macallimuu_Xoghayaha_NUSOJ (2)

National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ), has welcomed the decision by the Supreme Court of Somalia, endorsing the free and fair elections of NUSOJ Leaders on 17th May, at the Union’s General Assembly that was held in Mogadishu from 3rd to 17th of May 2016. As per the attached letter dated 20 July 2016, reference number 137/2016, the President of the ...

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One man’s terrorist is another man’s carpenter


  What does a terrorist look like?  No such archetype exists of course, but you certainly wouldn’t figure somebody like Mohammed Abdi*. Yet the slight, middle-aged man with a neatly trimmed beard was until 18 months ago a member of the Somali jihadist group al-Shabab – albeit in its finance department. He joined willingly. The former shopkeeper heard a sermon ...

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Turkish embassy in Somalia to control Gulen-run schools


Three schools and a hospital belonging to the Fetullah Terrorist Organization-linked Nile Academy in Somalia will now operate under control of Turkey’s Mogadishu embassy, according to a diplomatic source. The news came Sunday after the Somali government announced on July 16 its support for the elected government of Turkey and its elected President Recep Tayyip Erdogan following the July 15 ...

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